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Esther and the Genius

  Esther and the Genius is the compelling story of the slow and tragic breakdown and dissolution of a prominent family. The life of Dr. Jordan Hartman, a successful but volatile professor, turns upside down with a call from his wife, Esther. Hartman is at the peak of his career; he has helped build the medical school into an internationally recognized research and treatment center. His attempt to save their teenage son Saul from a drug-selling goon ends in disaster. An avalanche of tragedy follows, involving the courts, the medical school, and ultimately destroying Hartman’s family.

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Awaken Memories

Awaken Memories is Ruth Friedberg’s multi-media love-song to a full and challenging life. A musician and scholar, she spent many years teaching in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Texas, while performing as a collaborative pianist with singers and instrumentalists. Early in her career, she developed a passion for art song, and she has published numerous books and articles on the subject. Along the way, she also developed a love for writing poetry. Several of her poems have been set to music, and her late husband Sam also drew and painted a number of works to accompany her poems, or just to celebrate their life together.

     Join Ruth on a poetic journey through her life, from her earliest days growing up near the Jersey shore, to her most recent years in San Antonio as a university professor and member of the San Antonio Symphony.

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